Monday, July 13, 2009


I spent an intense Sunday putting together my six pages for a collaborative color journal. Some of us, who were also members of the Sensual Journal group decided to continue on with the collaborative idea and we have now begun our work on Color. Green was our first assignment. I am leaving for a visit to my dear friend Bee on Wednesday so I had to get my pages done now and mailed off as I won't have time to do them once I return from Nantucket.

I prepared the background for my layout with three colors of tissue paper laid onto a 9 by 12-inch piece of 7 Gypsies (green!) paper which was patterned on one side and a solid on the other.

Green is not my favorite color but I found myself liking the color more and more as I began to assemble the bits and pieces that make up my pages.

I carved two rubber stamps to use on the pages. One just says "green" and the other is a set of three leaves.

I drew a pear onto a transparency and once I got it to suit me I copied it onto five more transparencies to save time.

I cut out leaf shapes that were printed with my "green" rubber stamp to use on the 9 by 12-inch layout and just printed the "green" stamp onto a tag to use for my cover page.

I am pretty happy with the final result. I'm very eager to see what the other members of this collaborative dream up for their pages. It should be a very interesting journal once it is completed.

I would like to publicly thank Catherine Anderson for being the hostess of this collaboration. Cathy is also the hostess for my Photojournal group. I don't know where she finds the time, but she does the most amazing covers for our photo books and keeps us all on task in the most gentle way. Thank you, Catherine, for every lovely thing you do for us all.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Our Summer Reunion

Lest you think, Dear Reader, that I have been lounging about, enjoying the wonderful summer weather and doing nothing but eating bon bons and drinking champagne, I post here a few photos. My daughter and son, pictured above, have five children between them. Daughter is visiting with her family from California and son and his family have been frequent visitors since sister's arrival. It has been babies from the floor to the door for almost two weeks. We do not loll. Trust me. WE. DO. NOT. LOLL.


What we seem to do a lot of, besides just GOING, is eating. Please see photographic evidence that follows.

We have had lots of time for cuddling.

We have had time to tell stories to willing listeners....some true, some made up on the spot and some from treasured story books.

We've done a lot of smiling....

....and we've done a lot of coloring.....

.....and we've had some well-earned naps.

But, truthfully, the only one who has had any time for just plain ol' lolling is, well, Grandpa!