Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Barack H. Obama, 44th President of The United States of America

It was a glorious day---a day of hope and a day to remember. I shed a tear or two during the ceremonies and my heart is full of many things. Oh, I how I hope this man can truly lead us. It would make me so happy to be proud, once again, to be an American.

My daughter celebrated by wearing her Obama Mama t-shirt.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I'm still away on my mid-winter mini vacation. Port Townsend has not disappointed and both Nonie and I are having a grand time. Today, while browsing in a bookshop (Port Townsend has several), I found a new volume of poetry by Billy Collins, entitled Ballistics. It was like being given a wonderful gift, finding that book.

I "ate" it whole, of course.

There is a bird feeder on the porch of our rental cottage, and every morning when I get up I spend a long time watching all the little birds gorging themselves on the free seed. It seems obvious that this is the poem from my new book that I should share with you, Dear Reader.


The legendary Cang Jie was said to
have invented writing after observing
the tracks of birds.

A light snow last night,
and now the earth falls open to a fresh page.

A high wind is breaking up the clouds.
Children wait for the yellow bus in a huddle,

and under the feeder, some birds
are busy writing short stories,

poems, and letters to their mothers.
A crow is working on an editorial.

That chickadee is etching a list,
and that robin walks back and forth

composing the opening to her autobirgraphy.
All so prolific this morning,

these expressive little creatures,
and each with an alphabet of only two letters.

by Billy Collins

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Getaway

Nonie and I are off tomorrow for a little winter break. We are heading to Port Townsend for a week to recover from Christmas, walk the beach at Fort Warden, shop a little, walk a lot, read, make some art and relax. We have rented a little cottage at the marina at the north end of downtown. It looks cozy, it's in a great location and the price was right! Besides, it has a fireplace and that's just what you want when escaping in January.

While we are away there are to very important family birthdays. My adorable mother-in-law, GG, is turning 86 and my amazingly cute grandson, Mr. Pants, is turning one. I wish them both a most happy birthday and a year of happiness and adventure.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Alex's First Snowfall

Snow began to fall late yesterday afternoon, the last full day of Annie and Family's visit. By the time we had finished dinner, it was sticking to the lawn, the trees, the street and the sidewalks. Alex doesn't get snow in Southern California, so it was decided that she should go out to play in it, even though she was already in her 'jammies. We all had a great time! Annie and Alex made a snowman, too. I am especially fond of the broccoli eyes.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Dear Reader! I have been having a lot of help around here, as you can see from the above photo. You would think I would have had time to update my blog and to put together a nice, newsy January 1st, 2009 post, but alas, no.....I have family visiting and today we had a big family feast. I did a lot of cooking, and washing up, and baking, and chasing various of the five grandchildren, and a little chatting but no time for a long, detailed blog post. I do so want to take some photos and to wax poetic about my wonderful Christmas gift from my exceedingly generous family.....a mini halfwood press! You can check it out by watching the video below.

Until my San Marcos family have returned to California I will be too busy to update. But soon....very soon, I'll be back. (And, no, that was not a threat!)

To you and your family, my very best wishes for a happy, healthy and arty 2009!