Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grant Creek Weekend

This has been a weekend of discovery for me. My new camera is amazing and takes photos I never dreamed I would be able to take. And it's so easy! Sometimes you get just the right tool for what you are attempting to do and just the right tool for your skill level, and that's what this new camera is for me---the perfect tool at the perfect time. And the weather cooperated, too. Friday afternoon there was the most amazing rainbow, the brightest double rainbow I have ever seen. I took many photographs of it and the light show lasted a very long time.I also spent quite a bit of time this weekend working on the current journal I have for the Sensual Journey round robin that Deb Denton is hosting. The journal I have now has the theme of "Intimations of Immortality," apparently taken from a poem by William Wordsworth. I am, sadly, unfamiliar with the poem but we have been asked to "explore your senses and share with me that thing (or things) which exist in this world which are truly magical to you." Naturally, I have gone for water, sea life---wet and wonderful things. There is, and has been and always will be, something truly magical for me about being in the water (or even near the water). I am never happier than when I am snorkeling. I love the feel of the water as it glides over my skin, the play of light refracted through the watery lens, the underwater life that abounds and, especially, the silence---where my own breathing and heart beat are loud and any other sounds are muffled. I always fully expect to catch a glimpse of a mermaid or some fantastic fish.

Nonie and I leave for Florida next Friday morning. Really early. We will spend Friday night near the airport in Fort Meyer and then transfer to North Captiva on Saturday, with a stop first at the grocery store where our order will (hopefully!) be "boat bagged" and ready for us to pick it up. We will take Island Girl to the island and will be settled in well by this time next week. I am so ready for this break! Two weeks making art, taking pictures, snorkeling, shelling and just generally turning beach bum sounds like heaven to me. I can't wait!

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