Monday, October 26, 2009


I had the best time at Journalfest! I met some wonderful new people, spent time with some I'd met before (and got to know them much better!) and just generally enjoyed the energy and creative atmosphere. I took a few photos and I'm posting them here, just randomly, as I am literally out the door this morning to head to daughter Annie's with my son and his family in tow. I should have many grandbaby photos to share in a week or so.

No posts for a bit but then I'll be back and try to catch up!

Happy Halloween!!!

Michele and Roberta at an evening journaling party

Tiphoni, my watercolor class instructor----she was GREAT!

Roberta at a journaling party
Karla, she of the fabulous voice who belted out Don't Rain on My Parade in a version to shame Barbara.....
L to R: Sally, Nancy, Michele and Maria
Doris Arndt, my table mate in Stephanie Lee's Book of Elements class, and one of my (excellent) instructors at the Portland Art & Soul

My mica book from Daniel Essig's class

The Jacob's Ladder covers in construction

L to R: Maria, Roberta and Michele at the Asian Noodle House, Port Townsend


Jennie Unger Eddy said...

What fun, and what beautiful photos!

Sandra Tice said...

Lovely Photos of JournalFest! My photos were room #46.....I loved the randomness of all the mismatched pieces of furniture in all the different rooms....

Dawn E. Shepherd said...

Michelle-what a great time you must have had! I love your photos-as usual ;)
Hope to see you soon,
Dawn Nguyen
Mother Rubber Art Stamp

diane said...

looks like everyone had an enjoyable time emmersed in art and journals.