Friday, April 23, 2010

Taking a Break & Self-Portrait Friday

I am off to North Africa today and so am taking a break from blogging. (Not that I have been that dedicated of late anyway, as you, Dear Reader, are already well aware!) I will be on a trip with Caravan-Serai Tours at the start and then will do a little independent travel in Morocco at the end of my trip. I promise to post lots photos and a full report when I return, mid May.

I am posting my Friday self-portrait, however. Please note, I am actually posting it on FRIDAY!

Until then, take good care of yourselves and please, wish my husband and cat well....they will have to fend for themselves!


diane said...

You have an excited glint in your eye. Have a safe and happy trip. Promises, promises....what happened to the Caribbean pics?

bee said...

i want a FULL report on your return young lady....imagine you galavanting all around the globe like you have nothing better to buy me cheese. i miss u...looks like fred was here right before me according to your blog rolls.....and he didn't even leave you a message....shameful boy.
BEST you be having the time of your life dear friend...i miss you to pieces. xoxoxo