Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ready for Christmas

Winter came early to Western Washington. We had our first snowfall of the year before Thanksgiving. That is really unusual for this area. While I am not a big fan of lowland snow (in fact, I hate it!), I must admit it was sort of pretty.

It was fun to be at the beach a few blocks from my house and watch the snow fall.

Having the snow around got me into the Christmas mood early this year. I'm pretty much ready for the holidays now.
I'm baking cookies.... my decorated kitchen.....

My funny Indian truck that resides in the dining room is sporting it's Yuletide "load."

There are several Santas on the tree, peeking out from here and there.

The living room is looking festive.

And outside, my little house is well lit.
Dear Nonie celebrated her 63rd birthday this last week. Happy Birthday, Nola, and many more!


diane b said...

Lovely decorations it gives me the Christmas spirit too.Snow at the beach is something I find hard to comprehend.

Jennie said...

The house looks beautiful! ; ) Love you!

Anonymous said...

i want to BE there with you looks so wonderful and cozy and christmasy.