Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thirty-three Pounds

I am leaving on a dream holiday to Africa next week.  (I can't believe I can just say that and it's true---next week!)  I'm off to Kenya and Tanzania for three weeks, to look at lions and elephants and zebras and gazelles and giraffes and who-knows-what-else!

The only problem is the luggage weight restriction....thirty-three pounds.  I understand why---small planes, luggage traveling by truck from one game area to another.....soft sided, easily 'cramable' and not too much stuff.  I get it.  I completely understand.  I just don't know how I'm going to manage!

My camera weighs 4.4 pounds, all by itself with the long lens on it.  That's not counting the battery charger, the extra batteries or the extra  memory cards.  4.4 pounds.  Big, heavy but wonderful camera. And then I have to factor in the back up don't go on safari without a back up camera.  I know about this.  I went on a big trip once with only one camera.  And yes, you guessed it.  Camera died.  Dead, dead, dead and no possibility of replacing it where I was.  Taking travel photos is one of my biggest joys so I don't want to be without back up!

I have cut down on shampoo, toiletries, band aids, tissue, all that sort of thing.  Bare minimum.  I have a big ol' bag of medications that I have to take.  I have my journal and a teeny tiny bag of journaling supplies.  

I don't have very many clothes or undies, nothing much.

I am using a my day sack as my "purse" for this trip.  It has just the basics, those things you have to take on your person---the duffel I'll check.  My iPad (and yes, I do need to take my iPad as it takes the place of my phone and my Kindle and my computer) and the travel documents, my wallet, just what I have to have for the plane or because I truly can't get by on the trip without the item.

I've been brutal.  I've cut out ALL the extras.  I have that pesky 33 pound limit, after all.

And it all weights 33.4 pounds.



Peggy said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Can you layer and wear some of the clothing to cut down on the weight in your bag? Like wear two tops, etc.? Will watch for your return and some fabulous photos here!

diane b said...

Whoa, lucky you going on safari in Kenya. My friend's son in law has a safari business there. His name is Billy ? if you happen to bump into him. I hope to see some super shots of the animals. 33 pound is about 15 k that is what my case usually weighs so you'l be okay. Just can't buy anything to bring home. I always use a backpack as a handbag when travelling. Do you buy travel clothes that wash and dry in an hour or so and don't need ironing?
Have fun!!!!!