Friday, February 15, 2013

India Travel Journal---Part 1

Here we have the first half of my travel journal for my trip to India.  It's quirky, and cobbled together with glue and string and Sharpie pens, but it is, to me,  travel memories I will treasure always,  made tangible.

I travel with a little Pogo printer that prints out 2 by 3 inch sticker photos.  I love being able to start adding photos to my journal the very day I took them.  Working on my journal each day forces me to pay attention, to really pay attention.  I find that when I am just taking photos but not writing a journal, I tend to let the camera "remember" for me, rather than investing my focus and attention on events.  I like the immediacy of writing about each day each evening, to be up-to-date.  It's a great way to focus and really get the most out of my travel experiences.

I buy postcards on my travels and add them to my journal.  You can get some very nice postcards at museums or you might find a photo card that "got" the wonderful shot you forgot to take or missed entirely.  I also get more area for writing or adding photos by using the back of the postcard.  I usually add the postcards with tape (washi tape).

I will be posting the second half of the journal in a day or two.  For those of you who could care less, come back next week!

Thanks for looking.

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Gill M said...

Michele, what a wonderful record of your trip.

I wonder if you would like to post a write up of it over at Travel & Art? (illustrated travel journals)