Monday, February 12, 2007

Leaving Town

I am leaving for a ten day trip to California to visit my girls. I can't wait! I haven't seen Annie, Chris and Alex since September and it's been since Thanksgiving since I clapped eyes on Jen. Way too long! I will first stop in SF and spend the weekend with Jen. We will have dinner with Sean on Friday (ages and ages and ages since I've seen Sean) and Jen says we are dining at The Slanted Door, a Vietnamese restaurant. Jen and I are staying at a fancy hotel for the weekend---a girls' treat weekend if ever there was one! George H is to be in town on business that weekend, so we hope to connect and, perhaps, watch a bicycle race with George. Jen says it will pass directly in front of the hotel on Sunday, so it won't exactly be difficult to find a viewing spot. What else we will get up to, or into, remains to be seen. I wouldn't be too surprised if spa treats were covered somewhere. Jen (and me, too, to be honest) loves her spa days!

From SF I will head south on Monday morning, way too early, for Annie, Chris and Alex. Sigh. I miss Alex. I miss Annie and Chris, too, a lot. But my baby granddaughter needs me. She is way behind in Gramma hugs and Gramma kisses and Gramma reading stories and Gramma getting snacks and even Gramma pats. Yes, way behind. I must make up for lost time, and try and get some of these very important Gramma things banked while I'm there, to last Alex until our next visit. (Perhaps Annie and Alex will come in August again???? Wouldn't that be lovely???) Grandma Betty is coming during the time I'll be there, so Alex is getting a double whammy of grandmothers. Poor kid.

To be able to take this break I have had to get organized and get my many art projects started and finished! I have sent off my 50 4" x 6" mail art fatbook pages to Carol Parks for the ArtFest book. I have sent off my 30 ArtFest 2007 ATCs for that fatbook, to Bee in Nantucket. I have sent Catherine my "New Beginnings" photojournal pages that are due 1 March. And I have designed and begun to put together another ATC for ArtFest with a hand carved fish stamp. I like that card a lot and am quite happy with what I came up with over the weekend. It, like most of my projects, got complicated and time consuming, but the end product is close to what I had envisioned for trades at ArtFest. (Only 40 odd days until ArtFest! Can't wait!). I still am waiting on getting the soldering iron and supplies I need to make the charms I wanted to make to trade, but perhaps they will not get done for this ArtFest. I have already paid for the supplies, but the lady I bought them from doesn't seem to be answering her emails. Since she has been in business for a good long time and has a good reputation, I expect she is traveling, teaching or has a crisis that precludes her dealing with business at the moment. I am trying to be patient. It's not easy. I am not good at patient. But, as I said, I'm trying. I shall take the components for the new ATC to California with me and try to work on them there. We'll see how much I get done. (I did this last year with my Wingin' It cards and did nothing, absolutely nada, while down there!)

I attended the first meeting of the 50 Year Committee for the EAF the other night. We are very lucky to have a lot of very dedicated people involved in this committee and some new volunteers who not only have great and useful skills, but are truly enthusiastic and energized. I think great things will be happening for the Festival and I'm excited. Alyson H volunteered to take over Sponsorship on top of doing the Marketing and Communications directorship she is already handling. She has, virtually, agreed to do two full time jobs! And I know she'll do them brilliantly. We are so lucky to have her aboard.

I spent a lovely, quiet weekend at Grant Creek with Nonie. We both had projects to work on and we got a lot done and yet had plenty of time to sit and watch movies and relax. The weather was beautiful on Saturday---sunny and bright. You can smell that spring is about to burst forth, but not quite yet. The trees are showing swelling on their leaf nodes and the bulbs are coming up in force now. I expect that when I get up there again in early March that the miniature daffodils will be blooming and the primroses will be showing off their spring finery. I heard my first tree frog on Friday night. Soon the chorus will be in full voice! It's always a wrench to pack up on Sunday afternoon and head south.

The Northwest Flower and Garden show starts on Wednesday. What a great Valentine's Day gift that will be. Susan P and I are taking Julie and we plan to have a great time. I can't wait to see what B&D Lilies are offering this year and want to stop by Elandian Gardens, too. But, the very best thing about the whole show is that first lungful of SPRING you get when you walk through the double doors into the show garden space. It's full of the scent of good, healthy soil, spring bulbs, flowering trees and, mostly, green growing things. It's a smell I love and one I can hardly wait to inhale. I'll be gulping it down to my toes!

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