Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nonie's Opening at ZuKafe

Nonie will be showing her work at ZuKafe all month and she had her opening tonight during the Third Thursday Art Walk. Go Nonie! She didn't have much time to hang it all as the artist who showed at Zu last month didn't get her stuff down until this morning. Not fair to Nonie, or Mark (the owner) but what are you going to do? So, time crunch not withstanding, Nonie got it done and it looks good. The very first woman through the door this afternoon after Nonie got it all hung up looked around and said, "Oh, nice! Very organic!" A good start. I hope she sell them all!
News Flash! Nonie reports that she sold a canvas this evening! Yippee!!
Congratulations, Nonie.
It was a good art walk. I managed to get to a few galleries, with Susan P, and saw some amazing art. Marita Dingus was the featured artist at the Frances Anderson Center tonight, sponsored by the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation. Ms. Dingus uses found objects, from old Christmas tree lights to plastic circles her orthodontist brother sends her to make unique, happy art that has a lot to say. I loved her work in the FAC gallery and now that I've spent a little time looking at some other things she has done online I have become a BIG fan. She's funny, engaging, direct and fun. Check her out!

I have signed up for the ZNE Convenzione in Pleasanton, California in late August. It just sort of looked like fun but the best part is that there will be a screening of the 1000 Journals documentary that I have been dying to see ever since I met the director Andrea Kreuzhage and had that unfortunate filming episode, wherein I learned just how much I don't want to be interviewed and/or filmed and just how challenging it can be to operate a motor vehicle whilst being filmed. I am so lucky I didn't kill someone! But, I, I'll head to Pleasanton for a long weekend and I'll take a couple of classes and have a little mini vacation. It should be fun. Maybe I'll even get to see Jen! Oh, I hope, I hope.

I have been working a little on my "All About Me" journal that I started in LK Ludwig's class at ArtFest. I can't say I've done much but I have repaired the poor little old book I am using as my journal base. I found the volume in Port Townsend during my pre-AF shopping spree and fell in love with it. It was an old blank book---maybe originally designed to be some sort of journal!---and someone had carefully cut out the pages of the book Chinese Porcelain Before the Present Dynasty by S. W. Bushell, M.D. and carefully pasted them into the journal, but only on the right hand page. This leaves me with all the left hand pages to fill up with whatever I want, pertaining to me, of course. I have done a page of journaling and have a few more ideas of how I want to lay out the book and what images I plan to include. It's sort of a self assigned project. I really don't want to deal with self portraiture so I suspect it would be a good thing for me to explore---just because I am so resistant. Maybe I'll be able to finish the self portrait I started so long ago if I work on the journal. That's my hope, anyway.
I am off to stay with Annie, Alex and Ian for a week while Chris attends a conference n France. I think, actually, he's going to, how that man suffers....Annie and Co will be treating Gramma to a week of diapers, laughing, play doh, coloring, good chats, lots of laughing and, I hope, hugs and kisses for Gramma. I can't wait! I probably won't be able to post for the week but I will be sure to have lots of photos when I get back home. If you are nice, I might even share one or two with you.

I will leave you with a few photos of springtime in Edmonds. The current weather forecast is calling for snow, one to two feet, in the passes tonight and perhaps lowland snow as well. I think it is time to head for San Diego!

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Congratulations to Nola! I like the photo of Toes. : )