Monday, September 15, 2008

NW Bead Society Bead Bazaar

Saturday morning Nonie and I attended the 20th annual Bead Bazaar. It was fun! Be both spent more than we'd intended (but when was that not so?) and had a great time doing the spending. I got some great Thai Hill Tribe charms and three old Chinese carved wooden beads that are truly lovely. I also found Eunice's Christmas gift, which is always a worry as she's very hard to buy for. I found a very unique porcelain bead at the Off Center Productions booth. They had all sorts of wonderful porcelain pieces and they were kind enough to let me take some snapshots at their booth. I found the color range of their beads wonderful. Just looking at the colors all set out made me want to go home and paint something.

Many of the booths had displays that were a feast for the eyes. Everywhere I turned were more and more gorgeous beads, many of them I really wanted to buy, but I held back rather well (for me....)

We spent Saturday night at Grant Creek. I was disappointed again that the blackberries still aren't really truly ripe. I even saw a few blossoms. I fear I won't get any good berries this year. I do have ONE fig on my little fig tree and a pretty good crop of apples, at least two pies' worth, as my maintenance man likes to say. (I think he's mocking me. We'll see how he feels when I pull the pies out of the oven and eat them all myself!)

Sunday afternoon we headed home to Edmonds via the Port of Everett. We had lunch out on the deck at Anthony's. It was a perfect afternoon---sunny, great breeze, lots of marine traffic and the scenic gull or two. Great lunch, good company, wonderful "summer" day. I am grateful that we are having such wonderful weather now, as most of the summer was not so great. Too bad for all the children back in school, but lovely for we old folks who can really enjoy it. I fear it'll be short lived and then the rains will start again.

Nonie and I are off to Vegas tomorrow morning (5 AM!) for two nights. I am really excited as we will be seeing a different Cirque du Soleil each evening. We also have late dinner reservations at Michael Mina at the Bellagio, where we are staying. It should very interesting to see Las Vegas up close. I've never been and probably won't go back, so I plan to make the most of my short visit. I know I won't be a big winner because I don't gamble! I have 75 cents my friend Susan gave me to play in a slot for her. She might as well have thrown it down the storm drain for all the return she's likely to see from her "investment". Well, who knows, maybe Luck will be a Lady!

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Anonymous said...

ooh! Cirque de Soleil.. yum. I saw it in Australia and could not keep my mouth from dropping open. oh and I love that great photo of the wood bridge...