Monday, October 26, 2009


I had the best time at Journalfest! I met some wonderful new people, spent time with some I'd met before (and got to know them much better!) and just generally enjoyed the energy and creative atmosphere. I took a few photos and I'm posting them here, just randomly, as I am literally out the door this morning to head to daughter Annie's with my son and his family in tow. I should have many grandbaby photos to share in a week or so.

No posts for a bit but then I'll be back and try to catch up!

Happy Halloween!!!

Michele and Roberta at an evening journaling party

Tiphoni, my watercolor class instructor----she was GREAT!

Roberta at a journaling party
Karla, she of the fabulous voice who belted out Don't Rain on My Parade in a version to shame Barbara.....
L to R: Sally, Nancy, Michele and Maria
Doris Arndt, my table mate in Stephanie Lee's Book of Elements class, and one of my (excellent) instructors at the Portland Art & Soul

My mica book from Daniel Essig's class

The Jacob's Ladder covers in construction

L to R: Maria, Roberta and Michele at the Asian Noodle House, Port Townsend


Grove Street Journal said...

What fun, and what beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

Lovely Photos of JournalFest! My photos were room #46.....I loved the randomness of all the mismatched pieces of furniture in all the different rooms....

Dawn E. Shepherd Nguyen said...

Michelle-what a great time you must have had! I love your photos-as usual ;)
Hope to see you soon,
Dawn Nguyen
Mother Rubber Art Stamp

diane b said...

looks like everyone had an enjoyable time emmersed in art and journals.