Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family Milestones

My DH has turned 60 this past week. On November 14th we had a huge family party to celebrate this amazing achievement. Family came from near and far (California) and we wined and dined and DH blew the candles out! I think his best gift (and mine, too) was having our daughters and our son-in-law-to-be home! It's always a party when the girls are home!

Odd to think that we will have two sons-in-law and they are both named Chris....
My eldest daughter, Jen, and the love of her life, Chris, became engaged Friday night. Poor Jen tried and tried to call me, but I was at the Great Big Sea concert and hadn't taken my phone and didn't check it when I returned home. She called at 7:45 on Saturday morning and caught me lolling in bed and then passed on the happy news. We are so happy for them both and so very excited to welcome another Chris into our family. Jen's Chris is just the nicest fellow and he makes our girl so very happy. I am giddy with glee over this news!


diane b said...

Happy Birthday DH. And what good news for you all. They look a darling couple. So how do you call them? Jen's Chris and the other Chris.That will be fun and confusing for you.
We too have had good news about our daughters. The one in London is coming home to stay and the one in Sydney is expecting our first grandchild. She even made the headlines in a magazine today because of her celebrity partner. We are chuffed. See here:

Bill's Ponderings

Grove Street Journal said...

You're so sweet. I love you, Mom.