Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Packing for ArtFest

Let me ask you, Dear Reader, if you know how to spell "mess." You do? Do you spell it ARTFEST? Well, I do, at least right now. My house is a total, absolute, complete mess. I have milk carton-like crates sitting about where I have stuffed this and that. Things I want to take with me, things I have to have, things I think I need but won't touch the entire time I am there. (Past experience tells me this is, alas, a truth.) Each class requires different art supplies. I print out the supply list and try to be organized in amassing the piles of things required. I try. I try but I fail.

Many experienced, long-time ArtFest attendees have written helpful hints on the Yahoo group page to share their packing tips. One of the best suggestions is to put all your supplies, including the supply list, into a ziplock plastic bag. This is very useful and I do it for my classes....those that will have a supply list that will fit into a ziplock plastic bag, that is! I am taking a class from the amazing Lynne Perrella a week from Saturday that is requiring a whole crate. I am hoping that all the things I need for her class will fit into one crate. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please

How do the people who come to ArtFest by plane manage? I have a CRV and I'm wondering if my stuff, my sister-in-law's stuff and Bee's stuff (including boxes of her new book that she will be selling at Vendor Night!) will fit into my vehicle. Each year we swear we are not going to take so much. Each year we take more.

The images above are toner copies of images I need for Ms. Perrella's class, Go For Baroque.

Will it all fit? Will I gather all my supplies in time? Will I be able to find room for Nonie & Bee's things? Stay tuned.....


diane b said...

I'm staying tuned.Where is the Artfest? "A tidy house is a sign of a boring person."

Gwen said...

Maybe you can rent a small trailer from Uhaul...LOL!