Sunday, August 22, 2010

O Canada! O Butchart Gardens!

You know how people who live in an area just don't usually go see the local sites? They think they'll go with friends from out of state or they just haven't gotten around to it? Well, that's me and Butchart Gardens. I've lived in Western Washington my whole life, yea these sixty years, and have never been to Butchart Gardens until last week. I must say, I wish I'd gone much earlier. And often. The gardens are spectacular! They are even better than the "hype" you hear about them.
Two of my friends who made the trek to Vancouver Island with me. We had our annual 4 Ses trip. (All our names start with the letter S.) It just wouldn't be August without our reunion.

Beautiful vistas abound.
The two Sandy/Sandis.
My favorite part was the Japanese Garden. It was breath taking.

I love all the little details of a well thought out garden, how the greens are varied and the textures, the different heights of the plantings. The designers at Butchart Gardens are masters at this and it's a gardening education to walk around and see how they paint with plants.
I had a really good time. (Can you tell?)


Gwen said...

I love the Japanese garden at Butchart. I have only been once, but I think it is the best Japanese garden I have seen.

It looks like a wonderful trip, and as usual, your photos are GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

Your are a fantastic artist and photographer and I hope you include me with your good friend Susan!

Fickle Cattle said...

That place looks amazing. I love the first shot. So majestic.

And I agree with the notion that one doesn't really go around and visit tourist places where one lives. I'm kind of guilty of that too.