Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Good Thing

That's my DH. And he IS a Dear Husband. Dear, dear and oh-so-dear. And also home from the hospital.

He had to have emergency surgery last Wednesday. It was serious and time was a factor and we just had to do it. It was very scary. The surgery went well. His recovery went very well. DH was released from hospital on Monday and is now home, recuperating.

I am profoundly thankful. And relieved. I am also reminded of just how very dear he is to me. It's good to be reminded that those around us are as precious to us as they are. I wouldn't recommend using emergency surgery for this reminder, that method not being particularly gentle, but a little push to remind yourself how 'dear' and precious your Dear Whomever(s) is to you is a good thing.

I am singing my song of thanks, loudly!


diane b said...

That must have been very worrisome for both of you. I am so glad that he is recovering. It sure is a drastic way to be reminded of how important they are to us. My DH has reminded me 3 times in his life when he has had near to death ordeals. It does help you forgive them when they get a bit annoying.Your DH looks a cuddly soul give him a hug everyday.

Gwen said...

Oh, so glad everything is alright! How scary that must have been. Many blessings to you both, dear friend.

p.s. I loved your photo in ant's eye view! It is a great collection.

hugs, giant ones!

Grove Street Journal said...

My poor little papa!