Friday, August 03, 2012

Summer Snapshots at the Cabin

I had a lovely weekend at the cabin.  The weather was perfect...sunny but not too warm.  Just right.

My bedroom at the cabin is so comfy, and is especially appealing to me when the sun streams in the windows.  Something sweet is blooming outside the front window, which makes sleep that much more pleasant.
detail of the old quilt, an antique market find, at the foot of my bed
I love bluebirds and have them all over the cabin on plates and cups, wall hangings and embroidered on all sorts of linens.  Why did bluebirds go out of fashion?  They are so cheerful and they delight me so.

I, frankly, just like birds!

Here's my favorite reading nook in the "library."  My DH made the wall of bookshelves for me when I first moved in, way back in 1999.

view out the front door

Over the years, mowing of the native grasses has given me quite a nice lawn, easy care.  It only gets a haircut about three times a year.  There are daisies, Sweet William, California poppy and other wildflowers that bloom amid the grasses.  It is pretty to view and judging from the critters living there, healthy and good for the environment.  (The garter snakes are fat---and sassy.  )

Right now the Buddleia and the hydrangeas are vying for the most vivid bloom color.

All the repairs that were necessary when my reverse osmosis unit leaked all over the kitchen and dining room in the winter have been made, the painting is done and I just got the new carpet to go under the table.  I like the new look and it no longer just reminds me of the mess, but looks like I redecorated.  It's nice to feel the house whole and healthy again.  I didn't realize how sad the robbery a few years ago and the mess from the leak had made me and how it had tainted my love for the cabin.  All is well now.

I found another, smaller dhurrie for the living room while I was in Long Beach.  I like how it compliments the new dining room rug.  It looks planned, not a repair job, even though that is exactly what it was!

I'll be back up there next weekend and I'm really looking forward to it.


Unknown said...

Your cabin is charming! A wonderful retreat for you.

diane b said...

It looks so cosy and comfortable and a great place for a weekend away from it all. Don't like the thought of fat and sassy garter snakes.