Monday, September 03, 2012

End of Summer

It's September already.  How did this happen?  That means that Christmas is just around the corner!  Yikes!

The new grandson requires his own stocking, so I am (now) hard at work on providing a suitable receptacle for his surprises from Santa.  His big sister got the one with the mouse.  Reid is getting the squirrel.  There will be much beading.  I'm having fun with this.

 Even if I didn't have a calendar, I'd know it was going on autumn.  The spiders give it all away.  I had one the other morning in my kitchen sink that was big enough to have set off the motion sensor light out back.  (Hmmmm, wonder if I slept through it's arrival?

 This morning I went to breakfast with a friend and we almost walked into this huge web (with busy resident, I might add) that was just at face level near the back gate.  That would not have been a good start to the morning.

I would be able to tell that autumn was fast approaching by just looking at the hydrangeas.  They have their faded colors on now, their beautiful "I'm almost ready to leave" colors.  I have been falling more in love with hydrangeas every year.  That makes me officially old, I guess, but oh, well!

My pots out on the deck are lush and full.  Quite lovely, this year, they are.  But soon...ah, soon I'll have to pull out all the summer plants and get them ready for winter.  I'll plant daffodils and tulips and other little bulbs, cover their tops with a sheet of moss (sourced from my own trees at the cabin) and bid them adieu until spring.

I'll miss my beautiful pots of glorious color.  And my little blue table and chairs that are in the shady part of the garden out back---I love to sit there and have an iced tea and enjoy the bird song and the peace.  And the summer heat.  Alas, that's fast disappearing, too.

 Better go sort out my sweaters and make sure I'm ready for the change in the weather.  I can smell autumn coming on.  Can you?

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Carol said...

Oh I am swooning with jealousy over you GORGEOUS pots!!! You have me thinking of putting bulbs in my pots too though. Never done it before. Might have to try it!