Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch Fun

My DH and I spent last weekend visiting our eldest daughter and her family.  On Sunday we all went to the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch.

Rawlings got to ride around in style....in a red wheelbarrow.  Her father was the driver and he went faaaaaaaaaassssssstttt.

Dad and Rawlings took a tour all through the pumpkin field.  Then it was on to Hay Mountain.  There was quite a pile of hay bales and Rawlings was a surprisingly nimble climber.

Rawlings and Grandpa at the summit of Hay Mountain

Dad waited for the little one to catch up.....

....and when assistance in achieving the summit was required, he gladly provided it.

After all the climbing, Rawlings had quite a grand time in the big box of corn kernels.  I had never seen such a thing.  It proved to be a most fun activity.  When someone got bored with shoveling the corn around, her Daddy happily began to bury her in all the golden kernels.

I was surprised at how comfortable it actually was.

While Rawlings played and explored and tried all the activities at the pumplin patch, her baby brother, Reid, caught some zzzzzzzs in his stroller.

Daddy is even entertaining when you get back to the car to head home.  He makes monster faces through the window and growls and snorts and is ever-so-amazingly-fun-and-funny!

Rawlings had so much fun she had to take a little rest on the way home.  It's a good thing blankie was waiting in the car seat, ready to lend a snuggle and a bit of comfort.

Gramma and Reid had a little play time when we all returned home.  And, yes, I do dote.

Just a little.....


Judy Wise said...

All is right in your world. Love the photos, what a full and beautiful life. xo

Grove Street Journal said...

A perfect summary of the Pumpkin Patch Adventure! I love the photo of Dad and Rawlings. We are so glad that you two came down! Love you.

Photocat said...

You should dote, you have every reason to. What adorable babies. The climb looks like way high for a toddler, but she did it: what a trooper!
Love the pic with the baby in the basket and the one with sister and brother... Gorgeous grandbabies.