Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Camera for Christmas

 My DH gave me a new Nikon J1 camera kit for Christmas.  It came with two lenses and a camera case, too.  I am just beginning to figure out how it all works, but thought I would post a some of my first photos with the new set-up.  It's light weight (compared especially to my D80!) and compact.  I think this two lens camera set up will make a great travel system.

Thank you, sweetie.  I love my gift!  (And you.)

Nonie and I spent two nights in Las Vegas right after Christmas.  I tried taking photos I knew would test the new camera to the max, and it came through brilliantly with each and every try.  The above photo shows some of the conservatory floral decorations at the Bellagio, where we stayed.


We had some stunning sunsets while we were there.  I took these shots from the window of our room on the 29th floor.  We had a beautiful view over town toward the mountains.

These two shots are of the famous Chihuly ceiling at the Bellagio.  It truly is beautiful.

These two photos were taken at sunrise, again from our room on the 29th floor, facing the Cosmopolitan.  I love the blue streaks!

And here is an early morning reflection.  It was a fun trip, and while only two nights, just enough time for me to spend in Vegas.  We saw O and ate at some great restaurants, did a tiny bit of shopping (really, we did only a tiny bit....not being into bling!) and walked and walked and walked.

Now I will get back to editing my India photos for the next posting.....

Now I will get back to editing my India photos for the next posting.....

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diane b said...

Woo hoo a new camera. That will keep you occupied learning all it can do. I see you are already making arty shots. Well done. You sure are travelling a lot since you retired. I'm reading a book called, "Dance While You Can" by Shirly Maclean. Looking forward ti India shots.