Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Great Big Sea Kicks Off My Birthday

My favorite Canadian band rolled into Seattle for my birthday eve.  I've had tickets forever.  You know, they were well worth the wait!  I just love Great Big Sea.  Love, love, love 'em.

GBS is celebrating their twentieth anniversary with a tour and Seattle was the second stop.  It was a grand night with lots of my favorites played, including Charlie Horse, which I didn't expect.

Alan Doyle
Sean McCann
Bob Hallett
Oh those dear lads sang their hearts out.  They told funny stories.  They had the house up on their feet, singing, dancing and begging for more.  And all, she said modestly, to start off my birthday celebration!
"Oh," you say, "really?  Just for you?  They came to town to entertain just for you???"

Well, yes.  I do believe that they did.  I mean, honestly, I can't think of anything better to start my birthday season than a GBS concert.  (Okay, I can think of one other person who could adequately entertain for my birthday, but that's another post....initials BS!)  So, YES, they came just to give the start of my natal day anniversary a big send off.  And they did, they really did.

It was a great show.  And a great birthday.

Thanks, lads.

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diane b said...

Happy Birthday and what a great way to celebrate. I have never heard of them before but they sound great and a lot of fun.