Saturday, June 01, 2013

Eating Me Out of House and Home

 I bought a bird feeder thinking it would be nice to entice a few songbirds into the yard....

It took almost a week before the feeder was truly discovered.  Now, it's in constant use.

I had no idea that so many birds were living and congregating in my side yard.  There are lots of shrubs along there and I keep it pretty dense as a living wall between my yard and the information log cabin that sits next door.  Apparently by adding the feeder I created the perfect bird neighborhood.

The birds really do get up early.  And eat.  And then they snack.  And then they eat again.  And again.  And then they have lunch.  And so it goes, all day long.

I may have to take out a loan to keep them in birdseed!


john said...

That is fantastic, Michele. Think of what the winter will be like for your feathered friends.

john said...

Michele, this is wonderful! Lucky birds. To think what it will be like for them in the winter.