Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Prepping for Africa and the Tale of the Errant Passport

cover of my Africa travel journal
 I am leaving on another adventure to Africa on Saturday.  I can finally say, with some degree of confidence, that my passport will arrive tomorrow as I have a tracking number---finally!!!  I had sent my passport off to Washington, D.C. to get some needed visas and it has taken ages.....and caused me much stress and worry.  Now I have a firm confirmation that the passport is in transit, due for delivery tomorrow.  Need I say that this is cutting it a tad close???  Did you know you really can sweat bullets?

I made the travel journal by using techniques I learned from several of Mary Ann Moss' online journal classes.  If you have never checked out Mary Ann's classes, you should.  She is away on her own adventure right now (Amsterdam), but her classes are on sale on her blogsite.  That's right!  Hurry over there, but then come back here.

Please?  Pretty please?

I used a lot of vintage Africa themed ephemera in making up the journal pages
 Nonie is going with me, and she, too, as been anxiously awaiting the return of her errant passport.  Tomorrow will be a big sigh of relief day for both of us.  And don't even go there with that awful comment that is struggling to get out of your throat.  I don't want to hear it!!!  Shame!  WHY would you taunt me that way....fie on thee!  

Our passports will come tomorrow.  The will, I say, they WILL.  (They better....)

lion photo from my trip to Kenya and Tanzania in 2012
 This time we will be going to South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.  There will be lots of animals and birds.  No telling what we will see!

I am so ready for this trip!  New camera.  New long lens.  I'm packed.  I'm ready.

(My passport WILL be here.  It WILL.)
elephant photo from Tanzania, 2012
I am hoping to get lots more photos of birds as I have a project in mind the would incorporate my photos of birds from Africa well.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.

die cuts from Tim Holtz, photos from my personal photos from 2012....tricky glueing them in!
 We are going with my alumni association on a small group tour.  One of the tour members is a very lovely lady who hoste,d for the alumni association, the trip I took to China.  I am very much looking forward to sharing another adventure with Rhoda.

corner pocket holds ephemera I plan to incorporate into my journaling
 I won't be able to blog from the places I'll be staying.  I will be back towards the end of October and I will be posting about my trip upon my return.

African designed paper napkin incorporated into the pages of the journal
 Do come by and see how this journal is written in and filled up with goodies from my travels.  I hope to have some new, good animal and bird photos to share, and maybe some stories worth sharing with you.

photo from my 2012 trip
Bye for now!


diane b said...

I just love your Journals. Lucky you off on another adventure. I'm looking forward to read about your travels. I have a blogger friend in Africa. She lives in SA but she also lives on a mining site with her husband in Tanzania. Jo from "Memorable Meanderings"

diane b said...

Whoops forgot to wish you luck with the passports. It must be a worry with news of the Govt agencies shutting down.

Yours is on the way. It will arrive.

Judy Wise said...

Squealing with excitement for you. I'll be picturing your plane lifting up and up and over and over as you make your way on another thrilling travel adventure. It's the best, isn't it?

Bon voyage!


john said...

Lovely! Can't wait to see and hold this journal.