Monday, May 12, 2014

Sewing for Oso

The lady who owns The Quiltmaker's Shoppe in downtown Arlington, Deb by name, has started a project to make quilts for the victims of the Oso mud slide.  I was very happy to be a part of embroidering a square for an alphabet quilt.

This is the Gardener's Alphabet quilt.  The pattern is one from Crabapple Hill and I actually have started to make this quilt for myself previously.  (And in my usual fashion, I have not made much progress on my quilt!)  When I saw that Deb needed some more help with embroidering the squares for this heirloom quilt for the Oso Heirloom Quilt Project, I was thrilled to help.  I am not a quilter!  I have a terrible time even cutting out a piece of fabric to the correct dimensions in simple little pillow projects.....cutting and patching and appliqué are not my talents.

But I can do simple embroidery and I can color with crayons.  (Some parts of this quilt are shaded lightly with crayons.  Now that is something I can do!)

I spent a week of evenings working on my square and I am happy with the finished block.  I have turned it in to Deb for someone who can sew a straight line to add it to the Gardener's Alphabet quilt.
I feel, finally, in a very small, tiny way that I have done something concrete to help the victims of the horrific disaster at Oso.  (Besides making contributions to several different assistance organizations.)

I hope that the finished quilt will bring some family a little tangible knowledge of how many of us ache for them, for their loss of family and friends and for the loss of all their physical possessions.  I wish for them to know how very many people care about them and wish them well.  

And Deb?  You have a wonderful, giving spirit and a heart full of love.  You are practical, sensible and a most wise lady.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your project.


diane b said...

That is a great way to show that you care for those poor people who suffered that tragedy. It is a great square and so you.

john said...

Just plain terrific! It turned out so wonderfully well. Glad you took on this worthwhile project. :-)

Pilgrim said...

The work you did on the square if fantastic. someone will be so happy to receive the finished quilt. Your kindness never fails to bring me joy.

Cate Rose said...

Exquisite embroidery, Michele!