Friday, June 13, 2014

Baby Hummers!

I have been monitoring the nest outside my bedroom window.  There was Mama, Mrs. Anna Hummer, sitting away on the nest.  The Portuguese Laurel is in bloom now and it makes a lovely screen for the nest.

Mrs. Anna doesn't like me paying attention to her or her nest.  If I bird can give you the stink eye, Mrs. Anna is giving it to me!

 And then, several days ago....little beaks point up out of the nest and no Mama.  She was off gathering nectar for her little ones.  There are just two, I think, as I have never seen more than two beaks.

The little ones are still small enough that the most I can spy from my vantage point is the very top of their little fuzzy heads and their sharp little beaks.  I haven't been able to get a good shot of them being fed, unfortunately.

Mrs. Anna comes and goes, comes and goes, comes and goes.  She must be exhausted but her babies seem to be thriving.  She's a good mother.

I am leaving on a trip to Iceland tomorrow.  My husband will be monitoring the little ones and their devoted mother, but he is unlikely to post any photos.  Too bad for us all!  I would like progress reports but that won't happen!  I hope they are still in the nest when I return.


Cate Rose said...

How sweet!! Iceland! Far out. What's happening for you in Iceland?? Have a splendid trip!

diane b said...

Wow a humming bird in your garden...thats lovely and you can watch them from your window that must be so much fun but not as much as a trip to Iceland. Looking forward to a report on the trip.