Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Paint Oaxaca!!! Part 1

I recently returned from a stupendous week in Oaxaca, Mexico with the Paint Oaxaca! group, led by Kathie Vezzani and Ana Elena Martinez.  The teachers were Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick, with a special afternoon's class from our "guest artist," Karen Cole, who was also a member of the group.

Karen Cole sketching at Santo Domingo, Oaxaca
Facade of Santo Domingo de Guzman, Oaxaca
We spend our time making art----painting, making copper repoussé frames, sewing cases to hold out art, making bead and fabric necklaces, cooking, laughing, eating delectable meals, sightseeing, and on and on----and having a wonderful time.  We made new friendships.  We deepened existing friendships.  We learned and shared and were filled up with the beauty of the people of Oaxaca and the lovely landscapes.  And Mexican art, food and music are just the best!

Judy Wise strolling near Santo Domingo

One of the unexpected perks of any Mexican visit, to my mind, is stumbling onto a parade or celebration.  We saw several of theses colorful, loud, exciting gatherings during out time in Oaxaca.  Each one was splendid and happy.  I have no idea what they were celebrating and that didn't matter one whit---I was happy to be part of the audience and share in the fun.

Our happy art tribe

I loved seeing all the lush planters and pots that decorate the streets, shops and homes of Oaxaca.  It was the rainy season during out time there, but I will not complain about warm rain.  We did get caught in a few gully washers, but wading home with your umbrella clutched tightly in hand, was fun and an adventure in and of itself.  A little water does not daunt someone from the Pacific Northwest!

my ex voto painting
In upcoming days I'll post more photos from my wonderful time in Mexico.  I like this trip so much I have signed on for one in Mexico City in March.  And I just had my first Spanish language class last night.  (And oh my goodness, I am not a natural at speaking Spanish.  This is going to be quite a workout for this old brain!)


john said...

So happy that you had such a good time. Maybe we can find some time next to share our recent experiences. I will be home Friday late. :-)

Judy Wise said...

I'm so impressed that you're taking Spanish classes. Love the photos; what a tremendous talent you have with the camera. I'm having a wonderful time dreaming ahead to Mexico City and our bright, happy future. ((hug))

Amy said...

I have GOT to get to Oaxaca!!!!! Your photographs are divine!!!!!! Saving pennies.