Sunday, October 05, 2014

Last Farmers' Market of the Year

Yesterday was the last Farmers' Market of the year, here in Edmonds.  I love the market and I especially love that I can walk out my front door, cross the sidewalk, and I'm there.  It's right in front of my house and I love that.  I will miss it and it seems a long, long time until next May, when it will return.

Autumn is my favorite season and the fall colors of the leaves and the jewel-tones of the zinnias and dahlias never cease to delight me.  The sky is such a pretty blue on nice days.  We used to call the warm, sunny days with crisp, cool nights "Indian Summer," but I am thinking that might not still be considered an acceptable term?  I mean no disrespect---that's just what it was called when I was growing up and I know of no other term to describe those glory days of October.

The abundance of produce at the market was astounding.  The colors of the peppers and the tomatoes were so bright they almost hurt your eyes.

Even the garlic was beautiful!

 I watched my son's girls last night so he and his wife could have an evening out with friends.  The Girls and I had a fun time, as always.  We worked on an art project that I plan to turn into a Christmas gift for my daughter-in-law, so I can't share it here....yet.  I love spending time with the Grands!

Aren't they adorable?

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