Monday, May 11, 2009

LK's New Book

I opened my front door this morning and discovered a wonderful surprise----a box from Inside was my copy of LK Ludwig's new book. For any of you Dear Readers who love art journaling and/of collaborative projects, this is a must have. It is truly a beautiful book, a feast for the eyes. All of the different collaborative projects featured are inspiring and fascinating to study and the photographs are excellent.

And, yes, I am included in the book! (As my daughter Annie would say, "Drum roll, please!") Above is an example of the sorts of things my Photojournal group does. My work is the top right and bottom left of the above photo. That particular little book from the Photojournal group was entitled Shades of Black.
LK even included a quote of mine---of which I have no memory!
I am so pleased to have been included in this beautiful book. I hope LK sells a million copies!


diane b said...

Congratulations to be in print and you deserve it. They are beautiful examples.
Still waiting for holiday pics. Just saying, no pressure intended.

Meri said...

Wow Michele, that's fabulous! I'll order the new book so I can see your work immortalized. Tell us about your photojournal group. How many people? How does it work? Do you get together in person or is it collaborative? Do tell!

Gwen said...

How wonderful, Michele! Can't wait to see the book!

HeartFire said...

Hi Michele, Oh that book looks so inviting, I just have to get one. I just got a notice from the publisher a couple of days ago offering it saying I was in it too!!! So I'm really not sure what might be in there... Isn't it fun to be published along with other wonderful artists.

Tina said...

Congratulations! I've just started to explore your blog and am enjoying it very much. I was glad to see you chime in on the Artfest list as I'd been meaning to visit your blog since Anna Rhodes suggested we had much in common. It's true, we do.