Monday, May 04, 2009

May Morning

I spent a lovely long weekend at the cabin. I haven't been there in weeks and weeks and weeks and I have been missing my little house in the woods.

I had a pleasant surprise driving in----the wash out in the gully has been repaired. Seven of the lot owners down at my end of the road banded together and hired a contractor to fix our mess at the bottom of By Golly Gully. (The Road Association continues to try to get FEMA funding to do our food-caused road woes, but the wheels of bureaucracy grind slooooooooooooooly and who knows when any money might be seen? In the meantime the gully wash out was getting worse and worse with each rain and something had to be done. I was pleasantly surprised at the bid. I hope that the bid amount is the final figure, but you never know until the bill is in hand!)

The upsetting part of the weekend was discovering my beloved Aga cooker is not working. It is always such a shock to arrive and discover that the Aga is stone cold. It's not supposed to be cold! It's supposed to be warm and ready to boil a kettle of water for tea or to pot something into the roasting oven for dinner with no need to preheat. A stone cold Aga is a sad, sad thing. I have arranged for the Aga doctor to come fix it, again, but it won't be until mid-month. Poor little house will have to muddle along without its warm heart until then. (the photo below shows my little Aga last July 4th, helpfully drying out the flags and bunting that got drenched in our traditional Independence Day Downpour!)
In the meantime, I soothed my eyes (and nose) with the lilacs that are just opening into glorious, joyous flower.

Don't you just love lilac time?


diane b said...

It all looks so beautiful there(where ever it is) The golden trees and the vibrant Lilac how gogeous. Sad about the oven it looks like it should be very cosy in the cabin.

Meri said...

Yes, I love lilac time! It brings back a delicious memory from long ago, one I'm going to post about in the next few days. But first I have to dig in a box or two, because it seems to me that I wrote a poem about the incident.