Sunday, July 05, 2009

Our Summer Reunion

Lest you think, Dear Reader, that I have been lounging about, enjoying the wonderful summer weather and doing nothing but eating bon bons and drinking champagne, I post here a few photos. My daughter and son, pictured above, have five children between them. Daughter is visiting with her family from California and son and his family have been frequent visitors since sister's arrival. It has been babies from the floor to the door for almost two weeks. We do not loll. Trust me. WE. DO. NOT. LOLL.


What we seem to do a lot of, besides just GOING, is eating. Please see photographic evidence that follows.

We have had lots of time for cuddling.

We have had time to tell stories to willing listeners....some true, some made up on the spot and some from treasured story books.

We've done a lot of smiling....

....and we've done a lot of coloring.....

.....and we've had some well-earned naps.

But, truthfully, the only one who has had any time for just plain ol' lolling is, well, Grandpa!


Meri said...

Oh my gosh, the kids are gorgeous! The eyes on those little ones are so innocent, so wondering, so trusting. You must have had so much frazzled fun! (And that was on top of working the art fair? Brave woman).

mary ann said...

lucky you! being a grandparent must be perfect - all of the huggin' kissin' and squeezin' and none of the day to day WORK!!! sounds perfect. where do i sign up?

Anonymous said...

hi busy lady! your grand babies are gorgeous and you look like you are having a blast! I am happy for you!

diane b said...

Wall to wall kids. That sounds hectic but fun. So many smiles and so many hugs and then you give them back and wave goodbye for a rest up until next time. Lucky you to have so many beautiful grandchildren.

Grove Street Journal said...

You have the cutest grandchildren ever! : )

I love the photo of Dad sleeping on the couch.