Friday, August 24, 2012

Prepping Journals

Next month I am off to visit my dear friend Bee again, the artist who lives on Nantucket.  I always keep a travel journal while I am there because I don't want to forget any little detail of my time with her.  We see each other so rarely that each moment is precious.

This time we are going to head down to Wilmington, North Carolina for a weekend retreat with our friend Judy Wise.  Judy is teaching a weekend, two day class in art journaling.  Bee certainly does not need to take a journaling class, but she loves Judy.  I can always use a class, any class, from Judy.  It will be fun to spend a couple of days in class, working together.  I will get to see a new place.

We are to bring a journal to work in and I decided that I would do one of my quirky portraits on the cover.  I finally got it finished this afternoon.  It's not my best work, but it was fun and the face that emerged makes me laugh, so it's all good.

I had paint from here to Sunday, gel medium, gesso and lots of paper towels scattered all around me.  The sun was shining brightly in the window, my chores were (mostly) done and it was a perfect afternoon to get some painting done.

Best of all, it was fun!

I also covered one of my favorite watercolor paper journals with some paisley fabric.  This journal will be my travel journal for my upcoming trip to India.

I tried out all the Distress Stains by Tim Holtz that I have amassed, looking for colors that would work in the India journal.  I had never bothered to make a color sheet for myself before, so it was good that I finally did.  Now I can just look at the colors I own to see what works for any given project.  I like to pre-color my journal pages to go with the cover or some theme I have going.  White pages can stop me in my tracks, but color draws me in.  I find I have a much easier time of journaling if I add color to the pages before I leave home.

I am also getting ready to fax all my info for my Indian visa to the passport and visa service I use.  The Indian visa is a complicated one to apply for and I trust the service to do it correctly.  Me?  Not so much.  I'll let the professionals handle this one.


diane b said...

Wow India! You sure are getting around. (Adventures before dementia). Your Journal colours are great and very Indian. It is one country I haven't seen. TOH is not keen to see India. He has had some bad experiences with Indian Doctors here and it has made him very negative. Anyway there are plenty of other places to see. We are slowing down a bit too, unfortunately. Enjoy your trip to the art class. It sounds like a very relaxing afternoon you had. I'm having a frustrating one with an internet problem.

Judy Wise said...

Oh, your blog! I found your blog! I get more of you. (so thrilled) You are such an inspiration to me Michelle. Now I'm going to settle in and catch all up with you ... I feel like I've fallen into the most beautiful dream with you in the center.

Hope you are having a beautiful time and know that you are. xoxoxoxoxxoo

Photocat said...

More eye candy... It's a great idea to color in the pages before traveling. Your paisly drawings jump of the page. Another fine travel journal in the making. I need to read more of your blog. You inspire me!