Monday, August 27, 2012

Saturday Market Revisited

I stayed in town last weekend so I could attend the Edmonds' Saturday Market and buy raspberries.  I needed to make more jam.  I am off in a couple of weeks to visit my friends on Nantucket.  If I don't bring jam I suspect that my friend's husband won't be nearly so happy to see me.

There were lots of flowers.

And all sorts of beautiful, locally grown vegetables.

I bought a lot of veggies and made a roasted vegetable salad---beets, tomatoes, carrots, Walla Walla Sweet onions, fresh corn, garlic and fingerling potatoes, all roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper.  Once the veggies had cooled off, I added a good splash of red wine vinegar, a couple of handfuls of chopped fresh basil and some croutons I made from a home baked baguette.

There was music, too, from several sources.  I like this fellow and his bluesy numbers.

I found plenty of fresh local raspberries, enough for two batches of jam.  I think my welcome will be insured!

To cap off an almost perfect food day, a friend dropped by with a Dungeness crab he had just pulled from the cold waters of Puget Sound.  My dinner was complete!

Thanks, Rune.  Your crab was delicious.


Unknown said...

Great photos! Reminds me of what a sweet town Edmonds is.

diane b said...

A mouth watering post. Those berries are heavenly. I'm coming over.