Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Leaving for Nantucket

rose covered cottage in 'Sconset
I am on my way to Nantucket as you read this, Dear Reader.  It's my annual pilgrimage east, to the home of my best friend.  There will be historical architecture---everywhere you look, whaling lore, gorgeous flowers, yummy seafood, hydrangeas by the thousands, and laughter, hugs and catching up.
And Ted, my favorite large dog in all the world.  (Forgive me Timmy, but Ted is my east coast best doggie buddy.  You are my most favorite west coast doggie buddy!)

glorious window box
 Everything will have the tang of salt air.

Bee at Smith's Point
My friend will open my eyes wide again, with her insights and her world vision and her perception.  She sees beauty everywhere, and makes it all visible to me, too, while I am with her.  I try to keep my eyes wide all year, but I don't quite manage.  So I am going for my tune up, my re-setting and recalibration.  Things will be brighter while I'm with her, more colorful, more subtle.  Just more.

Lowie on Coatue
And her DH, the bluefish fisherman, par excellance.  He's funny, talented, creative, well read, thoughtful, kind, goofy and my dear, dear friend, too.  Even his puns are dear to me...sort of.

There will be time to sit and chat....

...and time to walk sandy roads.  And the most lovely thing about being on Nantucket?

All roads lead to the beach.

So forgive my silence.  I'll be back at the end of the month for a few days before I head off on another wonderful adventure, this time with all my family.


john said...

Lucky you! Enjoy every minute of your adventure east.

diane b said...

I was going to wish you a great time but how could you not have a wonderful time in such and idyllic place with such good friends. Looking forward to your next adventure.

kim Beller said...

oh how i wish i was there with ya'll!
give bee a hug from me !
hope to see you both soon

carol said...

Looks beautiful and sounds like the perfect way to spend some time. I look forward to your photos when you return!

Anonymous said...

missing you, missing bee, missing judy~
thinking of you while you are in such a beautiful place with such a beautiful friend!