Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Free Spiders to Good Homes

I'd noticed that there seem to be a lot of spiders this year.  I keep walking into their webs and doing the spider-web-in-my-face dance.  You know the one....you flail your arms around and brush at your hair madly and jump up and down, often moaning softly?  That dance.  Been doing it a lot lately.

This morning I discovered that my yard is just covered in webs.  In each one sits the builder, looking perky.  Waiting for something to fly by.  You could almost call them stalkers...

There was enough moisture in the air,  from the fog that we've had all day long, to coat each bit of web with little water drops, making the webs quite beautiful.

Beautiful they might be, but jeez...I hate walking into a web.  Just hate it!

If you should have any need of some quite hefty spiders, please let me know.  I have a plethora and would be glad to share with you.  Halloween is coming, after all!

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Pilgrim said...

Great post, no spiders here in Henderson