Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lilac Weather

It was wet. Rained Saturday, rained all day today, probably will rain again tomorrow. But, my oh my, how the lilacs love it. This year at Grant Creek I really have lilacs in bloom. You can smell them all around the house. The Korean lilac in the front, the one by my bedroom window, is wonderfully subtle, but still manages to perfume the bedroom with a gentle odor of spring. The big Persian lilac in the back is loaded with blossoms and smells delightfully. Another lilac in the front bed is just coming on, not so much this year as the others, but still a joy for the eyes and the nose. The many clematis will be blooming by next weekend. The rhodies are all in bloom now, and beautiful. And the peonies are all ready to pop into full bloom, again by next weekend, I'm sure. It may have been gray and wet, but spring is truly here and the flowers this year are beautiful. Don McK has been working hard on the yard, and all is tidy and ship shape, the way I like it. It's a joy to be there. I can't wait for next Friday so I can get back up there. I even got the ceramics studio cleaned out, de-moused (total body shudder) and the floor positively gleams. Susan P and Sandy-from-Wenatchee are going to be spending a couple of nights up there with me in a little more than a week (for Susan's birthday), and I think it'll be looking good and ready for guests. I love it when the house and grounds are all in order. Tidy house, tidy mind or so the saying least it's one less thing to stress about!

I received my photo journal from the Yahoo group. It's a wonderful little book and I am so happy I joined that group. The theme for this first book was "Enter Here" and each of the contributor's did an amazing job. I especially love Bee S's (from artifact) window photo. It has lots of beach collected items....shells, feathers and driftwood and on the back is a bit of writing I expect is from her journal. I always picture her on a beach, as that's where we met, and that's her favorite place to be, I know. If the next books are anything as wonderful as this first one, I'll have quite a collection!

When I opened the front door on Friday morning to the mailman's knock and saw the label on the package in my handwriting, I knew it had to be my photo journal. I was so excited I had to really resist the impulse to grab the package out of the postman's hands and tear it open right there on the porch! I felt just like a kid who's secret decoder ring had arrived, but unlike that kid, I wasn't disappointed when I got into the package. My copy of the Enter Here journal is all I could hope for, and more.

I have to find a good online source for Orcie's inhaled medication. It's so expensive! And to think I used to mock Annie & Chris for what they spend on Duchess and her allergies. Guess they showed me! Orcie and his inhaled meds have put all they spend on Duchess (the crabbiest cat in the world, by the way) to shame. I used to think it funny that she had to have shots and was allergic to Annie dander and the special food and all that. Now I have a cat who has to have his asthma inhalor twice a day and his meds cost an arm and a paw. I had no idea I was this much of a doting Cat Mother. God help me. Orcie is not thankful. Oh, no. He is not appreciative for all we do to keep him alive and healthy. Noooooo, all he wants is chicken and he wants it right now, thank you very much.

Today was the H's birthday party, given by their children, for their combined birthdays....all 160 years of them! It was fun to see Ray and Claire, and also Marsha, Don and his wife, Suzanne. Ray looks great, as does Claire, although Claire is getting 'fuzzy' mentally. They are off on Tuesday to stay at a new RV park near Oak Harbor. Ray was happily planning to drive via Anacortes and Deception Pass, rather than pay around a $100 to take the ferry. I don't blame him. Besides, the trip over the bridge at Deception Pass is always a thrill. What a view! Eunice, Connie, Nonie and I represented the family. Glad I went. The hotel was HOT, however, so hot you just wanted to run outside into the rain to cool off. That was my only complaint.

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