Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Day at the Beach with Emma

Kellie and Emma came over today and we went to the beach. It was a very low tide and we were there to enjoy all the sealife that is usually under water. There were many sea stars and urchins, a tidal pool was full of fish (baby bullheads?) and the sand was scattered with moon snail collars. There was lots of seaweed, too, and Emma surprised me by being willing to wade through quite a deep patch of it barefoot. It came up to mid-calf on her, but she was game and seemed to enjoy the seaweed squishing between her toes. She buried the bag of ducks in the sand, I buried her feet, we buried Kellie's feet and a fine time was had by all. The most amazing thing was that both Kellie and I forgot to bring our cameras! So, no pictures of Emma. Boo hoo. I'm a bad grandma to forget the camera! I have posted a few photos I took a couple of weeks ago during an equally low tide. But how I wish I had a picture of Emma and the multi-legged sea star! Next time I'll remember.

I get to babysit tomorrow. It's a lucky day for me.

Connie leaves tomorrow night for the state shoot. He'll be down in Centralia for the weekend. I hope he does really well. I leave for Vancouver Island and my retreat on Thursday morning. I need to catch the 7:10 ferry. I have to be at the Black Ball dock in PA by 11:15. I told Anna I should be out at Sooke about 3 or so. The car is stuffed with her art supplies. Hope I don't have any problem with customs! All of it is coming back with me again, so it shouldn't be a problem. I am so excited about this retreat. I only wish I was up to date with my personal journal. Must work on that as time allows tonight and tomorrow. Maybe I should take it when I babysit in case Emma is napping? That's a thought.

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