Saturday, March 24, 2007

Countdown to ArtFest

Only two more days and I leave for Port Townsend and ArtFest. I managed to finish my 8 x 8 canvas so I can have an entry in the 8 x 8 gallery. I had forgotten about that, as I am wont to do, and so had to work fast the other day to get the tropical fish mounted nicely on the canvas. The canvas itself posed quite a challenge as I had to go to about five stores to find the correct dimension. I could find every other sized canvas known to the western hemisphere, but no 8 x 8s. I finally found two at Aaron Brothers. Snapped them up in a hurry, I can tell you! I am quite pleased with how it turned out. I really don't like working in acrylics but it wasn't so bad and they did match quite nicely with my Caran d'Ache that I used on the original watercolor/crayon painting. It turned out to a mixed media piece, something I have done very few of, so that's fun. The dining room table is covered with things I absolutely need for class, probably need for class, might need for class, probably don't need for class but I might take them anyway and a lot of stuff that just needs to be properly put away so it's not in a huge pile (read: mess) when I return on April 1st. That would be a bad April Fool's joke on me. Having three separate classes this year requires a little more careful packing than last year when I had only one class. I am trying to get things sorted and arranged so that it'll be easy to grab what I need for each day easily and so I also won't forget to bring some important component. I also need to remember my trades (I have three kinds), my charm bracelet, dog tag, TTMoore Thank You journal necklace and my journal and journaling tools. It's building up to be quite a large pile and I am wondering if I'll be able to cram any clothes into the Miata after I load all my art supplies! Well, how many clothes do you need to work in, anyway? A toothbrush really doesn't take up that much room. I have been faithfully reading the Yahoo list for ArtFest and it's easily seen that I am not (nearly) the only one who is excited to the point of not sleeping well or long. Many, many others have posted that they are waking up really early or can't sleep at all, aren't getting any work done at their jobs and others seem to spend all their time online writing about where, when and what they are planning for their ArtFest trip. We are a chatty group, that's for sure!

I am really excited to be able to see the Teesha and Tracy Moore Thank You journal in person. The photos that Deb posted to the website were amazing and it really whetted my appetite to see the completed journal. I did my page so long ago and we all had to be sooooooo quiet about it so the surprise for Teesha and Tracey would not be spoiled, that until I went back through my photos I had forgotten what I'd done. I used the reposse techniques that I learned last year at ArtFest from my class with Beckha Krahula's class to do my letter, "Y". I was really happy with how it turned out, especially after I cut out some of the backing paper around the letter and inserted dark blue vellum. I used a lot of gold on the page, something I had not done before and I forced myself to use my own handwriting on the page rather than printing it out on the computer or stamping it with alphabet stamps. It seemed more personal to use my own handwriting, even though I think it looks sloppy and messy. It was hard to believe that the journal will be published in a magazine in the fall in Stampington Inspirations. I am really looking forward to seeing that issue!

Lise has been having a lot of fun during her visit here, I think. The other night she made her famous Chicken Rice and Curry for dinner because it was one of Rune's demands of his mother during this stay. (The other is that he wants her to bake him his favorite chocolate cake, which she will next week.) As Lise was deboning the chicken, Orcie decided that contrary to his first impression of her, she now seemed to be quite a fine, fine human. Lise kept dropping little chicken tidbits down to him and when she wasn't fast enough with the goodies, he "helped" her along. (The pig.) Besides cooking for her son, she's been shopping, has met up with old friends at a local watering hole and even managed to connect with several of the ladies she used to work with at the liquor store. One of them has kindly offered her a place to stay next week when she has to move because of my departure to ArtFest. I'm glad she won't have to stay in a motel after all. I'm sure she'll be much happier with Heather. Susan had all the Jocks for lunch at her home on Tuesday so Lise got a chance to catch up with the other Susan, Cathy and Ellie, too. The food was delicious and we didn't begin to make our exit until well after three o'clock. I'm glad that we all got a chance to be together again, like old times. Cathy invited Lise, Rune and me to dinner on Friday and boy, was that fun. Cathy made a spaghetti feast for us and we all ate way too much. Mac took me off to his office while the others played Spite and Malice and showed me his photos from both the Belize trip and the latest trip to Mexico. They had some close encounters with blue whales that were amazing---they could actually touch the whales as they went by the boat. I think Mac had a great trip and I know Cathy did. It was fun to catch up with Mac as it's been a long time since I've seen him. One morning Susan and I even managed to convince Lise to help us stuff the volunteer letters into their envelopes, so we now have all the letters ready to be mailed on April 2nd. What a relief to have that job done! I dread that one each year---for many reasons, but mostly because it's just so boring to stuff over 400 envelopes!

Nonie and I went to a program on Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands this morning that was held at The Savvy Traveler. The program was good but the photos were great. Just looking at all the fantastic shots that were projected on the screen made me realize I had to get my old, large Canon digital camera out of storage and get it trip ready. It takes such superior photos and what if something went wrong with my other camera and I was all that way from home without a working camera? It might just kill me! The program showed some photos of Machu Picchu and the woman who was narrating said something about if you were planning only one trip to South America in your life time you really shouldn't miss a chance to see Machu Picchu. After the presentation was over we headed off to a local coffee shop and talked it over. We decided to talk to Jim at our travel agency, the place that has arranged the rest of our trip, and see if we can add a Peru and Machu Picchu segment, and if so, how costly would it be. If it's possible and not outrageous, I think we'll do it. I mean, how can you get that close and not go?

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