Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One Week to ArtFest!!!!

I might be getting a little excited about ArtFest.....I keep waking up at 5 in the morning with my head full of trades and classes and looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I can't wait to see Bee again, and it's not just that she is coming with the ArtFest ATC books. She reported on the group list that 70+ of us participated and it'll be amazing to see all the different little gems of art that were created. I can't wait to see the books that Bee designed (and &drew helped manufacture) to hold the ATCs. Bee says that they will have pockets to hold the cards rather than binding the ATC into the book. Clever! The Photojournal group is planning on having breakfast together on Friday morning in the coffee shop and we'll take a walk together if we can find a mutually agreeable time. I can't wait to meet Catherine and all the others---well the other six who'll be at ArtFest, anyway. The TTMoore Thank You Journal group will all be wearing their necklaces that Deb so kindly made each of the participants, so I am planning on looking for my fellow contributors. Bee Shay will also be doing something with the 2006 Dog tags. I have mine ready to go to ArtFest, to take part in the display she has planned. I have worn it on and off for most of the past year. It's looking a little 'used', but then, it was supposed to look as if it had spent eons in the sea, so I guess that's a good thing!
Lise arrived last Thursday night and it's been non stop ever since. Rune, understandably, has been here a lot. Friday night Lise, Rune, Nonie and I had a lovely, fun dinner at Anthony's Home Port. Lots of laughing and giggling, a little drinking, a lot of eating and good conversation. It was fun. We realized at one point during the evening that we were all sporting band aids on our fingers (Lise and I gave blood earlier in the day and the band aids were from where our fingers were stuck for the iron in the blood test). Rune got the idea to put silly faces on them so I had to take a photo to mark the occasion. We were having a grand old time, that's for sure! Rune squired Lise and me all over on Saturday and Sunday---a Costco run here, Michael's and Linens and Things, etc. I got most of the supplies I was lacking for ArtFest and Lise got a Bed in a Bag, that Rune will post back to Norway for her (as it would take up an entire airline seat to fly it home!). It was nice to spend time with both of them. They also went off and found where the Norwegians are hanging out these days now that the Wild Horse has closed, and Lise saw quite a few of her old pals and got caught up with their comings and goings. She went to a jazz evening last night with Rune, and while most of the old gang, those that still live here, were there, the jazz was not so much to her liking. She wanted to see what it was like over here so she could compare it with the jazz afternoons she and Berd attend in Haugesund on Saturdays. I think she likes it better in Norway, as far as a jazz outing is concerned. Today Susan P is hosting The Jocks lunch at her house so the whole gang will get to catch up with Lise. It's a great day for it as it's pouring and cold. There is even the chance of some wet snow in the area today. Doesn't seem fair for the first day of spring.

I feel like celebrating today. Late last night I finally figured out how to do a mail merge from Excel to Word and I was able to print out four copies of the volunteer labels for the mailings we'll have to do for the festival. What a huge, HUGE weight off my shoulders. I have been trying to make this work for days now, and it just keeps creeping ever closer to the mailing deadline of April 1st, with no labels ready for the envelopes. besides mailing out the volunteer letter and application, we still have the volunteer meeting postcards to send, the reminder postcards with peoples' work assignments during the festival and the thank you notes for after the festival. It was really important for me to get this done and now I have. Drum roll please! Start the confetti! Fireworks tonight! I will have to get them stuffed this week, but I think Lise will help out and I know I can count on my co-director to come over and give me a morning to stuff envelopes. What a relief.....


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