Sunday, November 04, 2007

Festive Fowl

The second (annual?) Holiday lino cut/printing party was held last night at Artworks. Sandy is down visiting from Alaska and she extended her ticket so we could gather with Autumn and have a refresher class. Nonie joined us this year for her first lino cutting and printing. We all had a great time and some fun and fantastic work was done. I did two carvings of the same design. I was happy with each. It's amazing how differently the two blocks print, depending on the paper and the color ink. I liked on block much better in red on white paper and the other done with white ink on red paper. As always, this was a great learning experience---AND I now have the raw material to make up my Christmas cards! Sandy did a beautiful wreath with the word "Joy" under it (which required some serious carving) and Susan P did a frisky gingerbread man. Nonie's design was for her artwork business, a sort of personal trademark and it turned out very well, not even taking into account that this was her first attempt at doing any lino carvings and/or printing. As always, Autumn had a gorgeous little carving (a mouse with a berry in his mouth, coming out from under some leaves). Everyone did lots of printing and we snacked on treats, chatted, laughed and had a fine old time. I hope we can do this every November! I love the gathering together to make art and enjoy friends and, besides having a fun time with friends, I get a head start on my Christmas cards.
I had family here for Halloween dinner and it was fun to see Steve & Carolyne besides Brad & Nicole and their adorable little Gavin. Emma was in fine, fine form....terrible twos seem to have nothing on the terrible threes! She was, in all fairness, coming down with a cold. I can honestly say she looked adorable! Emma was a kitty and Gavin a tiny pirate. Edmonds merchants encourage children to come and trick or treat in the downtown business area. The shops stay open and candy flows like water. The streets are well lit, there are extra booths on the sidewalks and it's a good family outing, besides being much safer. I like it because it means I get to see Emma in her costume! Like all doting grammas, I love to see my little Emmala all tricked out.

Besides making the woodblocks I haven't done much art this week. Can't exactly say what kept me so busy all week, but art certainly didn't figure into most of my days, sad to say. Maybe next week will be better!


Grove Street Journal said...

Mom, the blocks are BEAUTIFUL!

I can't wait to see them in action when a little holiday card arrives in my mailbox!

Love you.

Michele R. Unger said...

Thanks! You will get one.

Michele R. Unger said...
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