Monday, November 26, 2007

Post Thanksgiving

I spent the long weekend at the cabin, and is my routine these days, woke up early every morning. I was delighted to witness the dawn pictured above! It just kept getting better and better----the sky turned the most beautiful colors. The peak outlined against the sky is Whitehorse in the dawn's rosy light.

I had told a friend that I would fire the ceramics that she'd glazed, many meant to be Christmas presents, while I was up at the cabin. I loaded the kiln and all was well, except that I had two pieces left over. No matter how I arranged the items, I could not get all of them into one load. I won't fire the kiln for two small pieces, I just won't! I decided that I had to sit down and start glazing some of my bisque, madly, as it takes five coats for each piece and that takes some time. (Three coats of color, two coats of clear over glaze.) I found I had a little tea set that I did up for my eldest granddaughter, Emma (of the butter and chocolate turkey fame from Thanksgiving). She is probably too young for a ceramic tea set, but oh, well.....she's getting one now! She does like to have tea parties for her dollies and stuffed animals. I know. I've poured many a cup of "tea" in her bedroom for various and sundry guests at her tea table! I was pleased with how it all turned out. I haven't done any ceramics painting in over a year but found that I can still shade pretty well. My brush technique is still there! I hope Emma likes her tea set. I had fun painting it for her. I also got a few ornaments done so I can add them to packages or send them off in a Christmas box to friends as a little extra. I must say that sitting in the living room, painting ceramics and watching movies while the weather is cold and damp is not a bad way to spend the long Thanksgiving weekend!

While I was doing all this back and forthing to and from the kiln room, I discovered a little long toed salamander (at least that's what I think it was after studying one of my books for a while) had come into the garage and died. It was all curled up in elegant curves and was quite beautiful. I'm sorry it died but glad I got a chance to view it up close and admire it. The little salamander had these tiny little toes and they were very long. It was lighter and more brownish underneath. If I have mislabeled it, and someone out there knows what it really is, please let me know. I had some other little newt-like critter on the porch about a month ago so I know that there are a variety of little reptiles about. I think they mostly live in the wetland across the road from the cabin.

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