Sunday, January 27, 2008


I am stuck at the San Jose airport, waiting for a flight to Seattle. I left San Diego early this afternoon for a short trip home, to recharge my emotional batteries, pay bills, cuddle my cats, see my friends, kiss my DH and mail my ArtFest ATCs and Fatbook pages. I will return to Annie and Family on Wednesday for another week or two of helping out where I can. But, in the meantiime, I am in limbo at the San Jose airport. It was one of those nightmarish travel scenarios....I watched the flight move from "On Time" to delayed by an hour to delayed by two hours to delayed by three hours. I'm almost afraid to go look at the departure board any more for fear it will say, "See Agent." I want to GO HOME. I want to sleep in my own bed! I want my house for a day or two. I have nothng personal against San Jose or their aiirport, but I don't want to be here!!!!!!!!


Gee, I think, maybe, that I have been spending a lot of my time with a crankypants two-year-old and a newborn. I am so tired. I haven't been this tired since my babies were little, a long, long, long, long, LONG time ago. I love getting up for the middle of the night feedings with Ian. I love to cuddle his warm little body close and give him his bottle and listen to his little piggy noises while he sucks down another 4+ ounces of formula. I love to see him looking up at me, studying me as if to say, "Well. That's a grandma, huh?" I love it. But am I tired! You really do need to be young to be a parent, and I am not young any more. (And tonight I feel like 763 years and counting!)

I need to go home, close my bedroom door and have a good cry.

I am so grateful for the outcome of my daughter's illness. I am so very grateful for my beautiful new grandson. I am so grateful for my family and my life and even for my weariness.

I am also sorry to burden any of you who might be reading this with my little airport irritations and my whining about being tired, but this seems as good a place as any to vent. And you, kind reader, shoud go do something intersting/fun/useful/else. I will, too.....Thanks for listening.


Grove Street Journal said...

Whine away... I feel your pain. I hate traveling for the very reasons you mentioned. My flights often are delayed and it's so frustrating, particularly when you are as tired as you are!

I hope you have some restful days at home with Dad.

Love you.

MomPhD said...

I'm so sorry you got stuck, Mom. You're a rock star, though. I hope you're doing some good sleeping in the dungeon.

SeaWorthy said...

First of all Ms Bell Street, I laughed hysterically when I saw your profile photo. Thats just like my relatives in past pictures I have,Are we related???

I think that new baby is ADORABLE and so glad you got to go and check him out!
February 6th and lots of snow tonight in Aberdeen.
thanks for lookin around my blog, keep checkin back on the painted floor project. Ill guarantee you, its going to get interesting before it is over..
coastal nest

Betty said...

Whine away as Jennie said, you deserved it. You had two very rough weeks in SD. I got to spend those few days you were in Edmonds doing the middle of night feedings and bonding with Ian. Tired we may be, but what a wonderful gift we share.