Saturday, January 19, 2008

Welcome Ian Christopher!

On Monday, January 14th, Ian Christopher entered the world, weighing in at 8 pounds 15 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. He has his father's long, double-jointed fingers and eyes we think (hope!) will be brown. He has dimples! He is perfect and adorable and very, very mellow. I am not a doting grandmother...I am NOT! All these things are true. You'll see...just wait until I have ability to upload photos. You'll see! He really, truly is perfect.

My daughter has had an unexpected and severe problem with labor and delivery and still is in the hospital. While it is taking much longer than any of us would like for her to get well enough to be released, at least we are comforted knowing that she is getting better daily and expected to make a full recovery. I have told her firmly that she needs to stop scaring her mother. It's not nice.

Ian's big sister, Alex, is rather blaise about the new addition to the family. She will obligingly give his head a kiss when asked, but really is much more interested in watching Dora the Explorer on TV or playing Play Doh. Poor Alex is missing her Mommy very much, as are we all.

I will be in California for the next several weeks, helping out as much as I can.


LK said...

Prayers for your newest and your daughter... Congratulations!!!!!

Grove Street Journal said...

Yay for a grandson! : ) Love you, Mom.