Monday, April 21, 2008

The Snuzz

I am sure, Dear Reader, that you understand the importance of a good blankie. I had one, my children all had one, my grandchildren each have one and you must have (had) one too. A good blankie is a friend in trying times, a comfort in the dark when things go bump and is there for you whenever you need it. A good blankie makes life better.

Alex has a very good blankie. She and Blankie have been thick as thieves for almost as long as Alex has been on earth. Alex would take Blankie everywhere but Mommy has rules and Blankie doesn't go in the car or to the table to eat or into the bathtub (that would be silly!). But you can usually find Blankie in the same room as Alex. They are BBF.

I did not know that Blankie, besides having all these amazing and stellar qualities, also sports a snuzz.

Actually Blankie has four snuzzes. Or is that snuzzi? Snuzzzz? Whatever. Four snuzz does Blankie harbor and all are wonderful. You, Dear Reader, and I, until the day before yesterday when I was clued in, would have called the snuzz(es) the corners of a blanket. But, no. A snuzz is the very best part of a blankie. A snuzz is where all the goodness and greatness and comfort of a blankie are concentrated. You hold the snuzz (or snuzz multiples) firmly in your fist with just a tiny little bit peeping up (or more if you need a really big snuzz). Then you can rub the snuzz under your nose, back and forth. You can rub the snuzz over your teeth. You can actually chew on the snuzz, if you wish. But while you suck your thumb, you hold the snuzz close to your face. I think that a well held snuzz, in concert with thumb sucking, can vanquish the fieriest foe. (Or at least those that do not require vanquishing by mommy....)

Who knew?

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Anonymous said...

The Teen, 16 years old, has a dirty, ratty binding that came off of her "blankie". That would be the blankie that I ripped the dirty, gross binding off of. The blankie that she then threw out but only after she fished out of the garbage the dirty, filthy binding, I told her it looks like some bizarre prayer rope, but she only knows that it is her lifeline to her childhood!