Friday, May 30, 2008

Dawn's Journal

I have been working on Dawn's Sensual Journal. Deb Denton started this round robin journal group last year. Each participant created their own journal with a theme of their choice and then it was sent off to the first person on our list. Deb designed this exchange to be a real challenge as we are required to somehow incorporate four of the five senses! (Hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell.) By the middle of this summer we should each receive our own journals back and each of our journals will have been worked in by six other artists. (I am very eager to see mine!)

To create my background I used a Golden product I had not used before---fiber gel. It created a look on the page that reminds me of Venetian plaster. I colored the gel with fluid acrylics and I used three layers on each page. I applied the product with a old credit card and a palette knife. Both of the tools worked well, it just depended on the look you were going for. The finished texture is interesting and I like the look and feel. I will use this product again for other backgrounds.

Dawn's journal is beautiful and the theme she picked is "Blue". I had some trouble settling on my theme as I had several ideas in mind. I finally decided on Once in a Blue Moon. I really enjoyed doing the maid in the moon . I haven't done much with watercolors lately and it was fun to get back into that medium. I made a CD with songs, all titled Once in a Blue Moon to include. (Dawn included a CD in the journal with music to create's was a great compilation disk and I played it a lot.) I'm fairly happy with my entries into Dawn's journal. I hope she is as happy with my work!

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Elizabeth Prince Ceramics said...

Wow - you've been very busy since my last visit! Where to begin...
Wonderful journal idea, that will be such a sweet object.
Congrats on the photography entry! The one with the leaf below is a truly beautiful shot. And also love the blossom, cherry blossom is one of my fave things- again, beautiful work!
Hope you're well and happy,
Warm wishes,
Elizabeth x