Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tug Boat Races

Connie and I got to spend the better part of the day aboard the Crowley Marine tug boat Hunter. I won our trip by bidding for it on the Market Foundation online auction earlier in the spring. We boarded just before noon, after having been treated to espresso and pastries and then spent several hours cruising Elliot Bay and taking part in the Maritime Festival. The high point of the afternoon was the Class A race for the unlimited tugs, and the Hunter was the winner again this year. Number two was another Crowley tug, the Valiant and the third place went to a Foss tub, the America. It was great fun to be aboard and I loved every second of the day! Any day were I get to be on board a boat is a great day. I love messing about on boats.


MomPhD said...

You saw the Shelley Fuss!!! I didn't realize that was an actual boat!!!


You and Dad (!) are my new desktop photo on my laptop.


Grove Street Journal said...

Love the photos! And the Shelley Foss! I haven't seen that boat in years and years and years.

Happy Mother's Day to my dear Mother! I love you.