Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Be Good Tanyas - The Littlest Birds

LK Ludwig has had another brainstorm! She has now suggested that those of us interested share a favorite song. Here is an excerpt from the email I got from LK explaining her idea:

"A Day of Sharing Song

"The idea: Songs can move us to places we haven't
been in a long time, places we long for every day, or places we someday hope to
be. The combination of music and poetry can transport us across distances, and
through the years. While we listen, perhaps we grin wildly, or are moved to
tears. We all have songs that are "ours" in our very hearts. We have songs that
touch us, move into our hearts and resonate, creating a feeling, taking us some
place- past, present, future- perhaps some place we have never been and may
never go, but for whatever reasons, the song sings for us.

Meeting new
music, musicians, composers, poets, new ways for my soul to sing, is an
intriguing concept. Want to go on this adventure with me? It will be easy to
travel along.

Many of us already do this sharing; this idea is just to
help us find each other and hear the words we have to share.

The Date:
Wednesday, December 3.

The Plan: on your blog, post a song that moves
inside you, touches you, reaches you. You can do any or all of the following:

link to a youtube video (done as you would normally post a link)
link to itunes or amazon for a sample of the song
embed the youtube clip
(instructions here)
post just song lyrics
post multiple songs, if you
can't choose just one.

Include the composer and/or musician and
source (book, album). Perhaps also include the amazon or itunes link if there is
one. no explanation required, no other revelation necessary.
One last thing-
Perhaps add an image. a photo. a video. a painting. a collage., if you would."

My pick is The Littlest Birds by The Be Good Tanyas.


couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

they are interesting in their looks and yes it is my first time listening to their music, too.
Thank you for your sharing ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh a favorite of mine that I haven't heard in awhile. Thanks so much!

diane b said...

I like your choice.Soft gentle and meaningful.

Anonymous said...

beautiful song, and gorgeous bird...

Judy Wise said...

Love love love the Be Goods. I nearly chose the skit skat skatter song. Such lovely music. and I love those Christmas cards too. That's a good idea and they turned out great!

Meri said...

Hey Michele - Have you been to Misty Mawn's blog today? Another way to share.......