Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

All through my town, all through my neighborhood and all through my house it's very obvious Christmas is coming!
My house is decorated, inside and out. We even had snow yesterday, an unusual occurrence in the Puget Sound region this early in the season. We don't usually get much snow until January or February. Everything looks Christmas-y.
This is Edmonds' official Christmas tree and it's right across the street from my little house---a most festive view, I can assure you.

Even the local geese like flying over in the early morning to take in the decorations from on high.

I've begun my Christmas baking in earnest now. I must stay out of the goodies, I MUST.

I have finished my shopping and have wrapped the gifts and shipped those for my out of town friends and relatives.It is a joy to walk around town these days, especially these nights, to admire all the decorations and lights. Twinkling white lights, sparkly ornaments and tinsel trimmings, fragrant greens, garlands and wreaths all drive away the darkness of these drear December days.

And visions of sugar plums.....I know just where to get them! Right down to the end of my alley, turn left, walk 50 paces and there you are at Nama's Candy Store, home to all things sugary and delectable.
I enjoy candlelight especially this time of year and have little tea lights all over the house. These are on the kitchen counter, near the stove.
How are your Holiday preparations going? I hope you are enjoying a relatively stress free December and that the light and love of this magical season are in your home and in your heart.


MomPhD said...

Are those NANAIMO BARS?!?!?

Great, now you made me drool all over my iPod.

Michele R. Unger said...

Um, no. Close. REALLY, really close, but no. They are Denver Brownies. Want the recipe?

Grove Street Journal said...

I too though those were nanaimo bars. : ) I want one.


Michele R. Unger said...

I'm making more right now...come on home and have all you want!

Grove Street Journal said...

Two of those boxes in the photo arrived in Mill Valley yesterday. I noticed that an unnamed gentleman had as many gifts as your dear daughter! ; )

diane b said...

Lovely Christmas spirit is emanating from your post. You sound very well organised.
The houses and shops are decorated beautifully and what a pretty picture from your house.