Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Dear Reader! I have been having a lot of help around here, as you can see from the above photo. You would think I would have had time to update my blog and to put together a nice, newsy January 1st, 2009 post, but alas, no.....I have family visiting and today we had a big family feast. I did a lot of cooking, and washing up, and baking, and chasing various of the five grandchildren, and a little chatting but no time for a long, detailed blog post. I do so want to take some photos and to wax poetic about my wonderful Christmas gift from my exceedingly generous family.....a mini halfwood press! You can check it out by watching the video below.

Until my San Marcos family have returned to California I will be too busy to update. But soon....very soon, I'll be back. (And, no, that was not a threat!)

To you and your family, my very best wishes for a happy, healthy and arty 2009!


Meri said...

He's a cutie-pie. Did he get some shoes before he came? I got a light dusting of snow during the night.

Grove Street Journal said...

Somewhere there is a video of Bill testing press No. 40. I need it find the link, as he was very kind and sent it to me when the press was finished.

Looks like Ian is very helpful unloading dishwashers. I think he needs to come help his auntie in Northern California. : )

diane b said...

Wow 5 grandchildren will keep you on your toes. Must be fun!
Looks like your in for a pressing time this year. Happy new year.

Gwen said...

what a great present!