Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Getaway

Nonie and I are off tomorrow for a little winter break. We are heading to Port Townsend for a week to recover from Christmas, walk the beach at Fort Warden, shop a little, walk a lot, read, make some art and relax. We have rented a little cottage at the marina at the north end of downtown. It looks cozy, it's in a great location and the price was right! Besides, it has a fireplace and that's just what you want when escaping in January.

While we are away there are to very important family birthdays. My adorable mother-in-law, GG, is turning 86 and my amazingly cute grandson, Mr. Pants, is turning one. I wish them both a most happy birthday and a year of happiness and adventure.


diane b said...

Hope you have a wonderful time. Walking and reading make for good holidays. Where is Port Townsend in the big picture of USA?

Meri said...

Ah ha! You WILL get to do the things you want to do this week. Have a wonderful time!

Gwen said...

hi michele,
i have always wanted to stay at that little cottage! i will be interested to hear how you like it! a week in PT sounds great, have fun!