Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The mouse was done by a very talented lady, Elizabeth Barrickman, who has a
lovely little shop on Etsy.
ArtFest is coming and I am woefully behind. I have been a slacker. Last year I signed on to be a contributor to both Bee Shay's ATC book and Kristie LaRose's AF Fatbook. Both deadlines are February 15th. I did manage to get my ATCs off to Bee the other day, but I am way behind on my fatbook pages. I'm just now finishing up the last stamp/printing plate for that one. At least the design is all worked out and it's a (fairly) straight forward process to put the printed bits together with the embellishment. After all, what's a fatbook without lots of embellishments? I must get this done and in the mail. I have company coming Sunday night and I would love to have these pages finished and in the mail before Joan arrives. Why am I such a procrastinator? I've know about this deadline for months!
Of course, since I have had these actual deadlines hanging over my head I have set up the journal I will take next month to the Caribbean and started and worked in a travel journal for my little get aways, like last month's trip to Port Townsend. That sort of thing I get right to! Arrrrgh! What's wrong with me??? I haven't been this bad about procrastination since my Junior year of college and that was a long, long, LONG time ago!

Do you, Dear Reader, get side tracked from what you must be doing and find yourself doing something you just want to do? Or is it just me?


Gwen said...

oh, what beautiful pages! travel journals are so much fun, OF COURSE you would rather do them! but, fat book pages are fun, too. the stamp is terrific!

diane b said...

You are a very creative talented person so what does it matter if you procrastinate, but I know how you feel. You get angry with yourself for not getting done but are powerless to stop the procrastination. I like your work but I don't understand the assignments that you have, "I'm not from here"
A trip to the Carribean, lucky you.

KerrSplash said...

It's not procrastination, you silly, it's marination.....Sending a big hug.